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Our digital health technology provides the means of digitising existing pathways in a secure, simple and cost effective way.

We connect patients to their care teams, meaning patients can manage their health from home without the need for frequent appointments.

Along with a team of clinicians, we develop digital health and telehealth services that help both the NHS and private health organisations provide improved out of hospital care. To date, along with NHS clinicians, we’ve redesigned a number of pathways in many aspects of care.

Our services include undernutrition, INR self-testing, vital signs and chronic pain. We also integrate with key NHS clinical systems including SystmOne and EMIS Web, so that the patient’s care team, from their GP to their district nurse, always has access to the best possible information about them.

With our services you can be confident in delivering quality care, whilst driving efficiency and controlling costs.

About our digital health offering


Simple to use for both patients and clinicians

Our services are easy to use for both patients and clinicians, regardless of age, technical ability or access to the internet.



We connect patients to their clinician using various channels

Patients can send their readings to their clinician using a mobile app, an on-line portal, via SMS or via an automated telephone call. We give patients the option to choose a communication channel which suits them.


Patient data is securely safeguarded

Our highly secure NHS hosted platform scores 100% on the Department of Health’s Information Governance Toolkit (IGT) Level 3 and we’ve been achieving the maximum score since 2011. We are also ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited.


We connect patient data to clinical systems

Our digital health technology connects to N3 hosted clinical systems including EMIS Web and SystmOne. This integration means patient data collected through remote monitoring can flow into the patient record.

What makes our digital health offering different?


All our digital health solutions are clinically led

Each of our digital health services have been carefully designed to solve real NHS problems, whilst ensuring patients’ needs are at the heart. Clinical input is vital to getting it right and that’s why each of our digital health services have been built by clinicians themselves.

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Our integration into clinical systems

Our digital health technology connects to N3 clinical applications including the Spine, EMIS Web and SystmOne. This integration means patient data collected through remote monitoring can flow into the patient record, enabling health professionals access to up-to-date, relevant information. Our secure technology means patient data can be transferred safely within the NHS network.

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We’re meeting growing patient demands

Advancements in technology are increasing consumer expectations and patients today are demanding more convenience with how their healthcare is delivered. Our digital health services enable patients to monitor their health from home, at work or even abroad, meaning no disruption is caused to their everyday lives.


We’re always looking for new and innovative ways of enhancing care

We’re always looking for new ideas to add to our offering. Our vision is to create a hub of clinically approved healthcare applications that can challenge existing care pathways and bring viable benefits to both the NHS and patients. If you’ve got an idea or a clinically approved healthcare app you could be the right fit for the Inhealthcare Partner Programme.

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