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Inhealthcare’s multi million pound digital infrastructure supports remote monitoring for the entire UK population

Inhealthcare’s national digital health platform provides the infrastructure to radically change the NHS. Our platform enables patients to be cared for outside of hospital walls, reducing the financial burden on the NHS and freeing up valuable resource as patients take greater responsibility for their own care.

Our platform is delivering against key NHS initiatives, forming the infrastructure for the North of England Regional Back Pain Programme, NHS England’s Sheffield City Region Test Bed, the Darlington Healthy New Town project and the chronic pain pathway redesign across Leeds.

We support patient home monitoring at scale, whether that is digitising numerous services across one organisation or delivering digital health nationwide.

We have a range of proven solutions, or we enable clinicians to build their own digital services for any area of care. Our existing services, which have been designed by NHS clinicians, are available to healthcare organisations through the adoption of the platform.

Our digital health services include:

INR self-testing, undernutrition, weight management, chronic pain, mental health, digital PROMs collection, vital signs, falls prevention, the digital care home, medication reminders and COPD.

The Five Year Forward View and the National Information Board (NIB) both heavily reference the need for the NHS to harnesses digital health technology and empower patients and communities. There is an acceptance that the old way of doing things has to change and that means a new relationship between the NHS and the public. To deliver this, we need to become more engaged in managing our own health, both preventatively and by self-management of disease. More specifically, the NHS needs to use technology to connect with patients remotely, in a way that reduces outpatient attendances and the need for travel

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We provide the building blocks to a digital NHS

Inhealthcare Digital health

Digital inclusion

The national platform is connected to key primary, secondary and community care systems and patients via telephone, text, email, the ‘My Inhealthcare’ app or third party apps. Our range of communication methods means patients relay readings securely back to their clinician via a method which suits them.


Inhealthcare Digital health

Rapid innovation

The framework gives non-technical clinicians the freedom to design their own services for simple or highly complex pathways without the need for software coding. The platform also has an open door to third party innovators looking to get their app into the NHS and gain scale.

Digital health


Public trust is critical for online engagement. The platform is hosted behind the NHS firewall in an NHS-approved data centre meaning patient information is kept secure. We score 100 per cent on the Department of Health’s IG Toolkit Level 3 and we are also ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited.

Digital health

Connectivity into the NHS

Our platform is integrated into key primary, community and secondary care systems. This means patient data collected through remote monitoring can flow into the patient record and GPs can refer patients onto services through existing systems. We also connect to the NHS Spine.

We align to key Government priorities, including the National Information Board (NIB)

Digital health

To offer digital services for patients and citizens to enable them to make the right health and care choices

Our services enable patients to be monitored away from the clinic, empowering them to take greater control of their health and care. Our studies have demonstrated those who self-manage gain greater understanding into their condition, improving their overall health and wellbeing.

We support hard to reach communities, including those not on the internet, and those that do not own a smartphone. We communicate to patients via a wide range range of methods, including low-tech automated phone calls, email, apps and SMS.

Digital health

To offer digital services to professionals to enable them to make the best decisions for their patients

We provide healthcare professionals with the tools to monitor patients remotely. We enable clinicians to build their own digital services, without complex software coding. We can connect existing healthcare apps safely into the NHS, meaning new services can be implemented at both speed and scale.

As an example, in Leeds, more than 7,000 patients with chronic pain use Painsense, a cognitive behavioural therapy app that feeds back reports to their GP and specialist teams. One year on, the app is reducing referrals to secondary care by 75 per cent.


To improve information sharing and transparency to improve services and patient outcomes

Our integration with hospital and primary care systems means staff and carers can refer patients onto services and track progress using existing systems and we provide care professionals with access to the data when they need it.

Our integration across health and social care enhances communication between the GP and care homes, reducing unnecessary A&E visits and delayed transfer of care. We help clinicians better understand the progress patients are making, delivering better health outcomes.

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