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We connect patients to care remotely through our national digital health platform

Inhealthcare’s digital health platform forms the infrastructure for radical change in healthcare. We enable patients to be cared for outside of hospital walls, relieving the financial burden on the NHS and creating more efficient ways of working.

Our platform is delivering against key NHS initiatives. These include the North of England Regional Back Pain Programme, NHS England’s Sheffield City Region Test Bed, the Darlington Healthy New Town project and the chronic pain pathway redesign across Leeds. Our national digital health platform is supporting 25,000 patients, across hundreds of GP surgeries, care homes and hospitals in the UK.

The building blocks to a digital NHS

The national digital health platform supports remote patient monitoring at scale, from small projects, to delivering digital health nationwide. We have a range of tried and tested solutions, or we enable clinicians to build their own digital services.

Our services include, INR self-testing, undernutrition, weight management, chronic pain, mental health, diabetes, digital PROMs collection, vital signs, falls prevention, COPD, digital care home monitoring, medication reminders, surgical outcome tracker and NHS number validation.

Our existing services which have been designed by NHS clinicians are available to healthcare organisations through the adoption of the platform.

Designed to support rapid innovation, we enable clinicians to build their own digital health services at speed, for any area of care. The framework gives non-technical clinicians the freedom to design their own services, for simple or highly complex pathways, without the need for software coding.

The platform has an open door to third party innovators looking to get their app into the NHS. We enable third party apps to connect to the platform, helping them to gain scale. If you have a healthcare app, visit our partner programme page.

A digital NHS for all

The national digital health platform connects to key primary, secondary and community care systems to patients via telephone, text, email, the ‘My Inhealthcare’ app and approved third party healthcare apps. Our range of communication channels means patients can relay readings securely back to their clinician via a method which suits them.



Features of the Digital Health Platform


Connectivity into key NHS clinical systems

Our integration into leading GP and hospital systems means patient data can be shared with all authorised healthcare professionals


Digital inclusion

Patients are connected to care via phone, email, SMS, the My Inhealthcare app or approved third party healthcare apps.


Connectivity to the NHS Spine

With our accredited Spine NHS number lookup service, we can enable real-time monitoring of hospital activity, admissions, discharges and transfers.

Digital health

Information Governance

Information Governance is high on our agenda. We store our data in NHS approved data centres so you can be sure patient data is securely safeguarded at all times. We also score 100% for IGS0C compliance.

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Digital health platform brochure

Digital health platform brochure

Download the digital health platform brochure to find out how we can support remote patient monitoring at scale.

Overview of Inhealthcare

Overview of Inhealthcare

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Blog : Our new INR self-testing service can now be run entirely online

Blog : Our new INR self-testing service can now be run entirely online

Our INR self-testing service is digitally inclusive meaning that all patients can use it regardless of age, technical ability or access to the internet.

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