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Connecting patients to care remotely

The Inhealthcare platform is open and able to connect with third party applications such as wearables, self-testing devices and apps. It also connects to NHS clinical IT systems so information can flow between patients and care teams, meaning lifesaving data is shared across clinical teams.

Importantly, the platform is used to support clinical teams, not to replace them. All services have clinical oversight, with alerts being raised if a patient reading falls outside of their safe range.

A key aim of Inhealthcare is to engage the whole population, which can be difficult if a digital service requires a smartphone or access to the internet. Inhealthcare allows patients to submit readings via automated telephone calls, SMS, online or through an app. This means the services reach 99 per cent of the population, regardless of age, wealth, or technical ability.

More than 30,000 patients are using Inhealthcare’s services across UK major cities including London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Newcastle and Hull.

The Inhealthcare Toolkit

The Inhealthcare Toolkit enables NHS organisations with ideas for apps or service improvements to develop, test, roll out, monitor and manage their own healthcare services at speed. Innovation can be re-used across NHS organisations meaning the spread of digital services can now be done quickly and at low cost.

The Inhealthcare Toolkit enables clinical teams to reuse components and use standardised processes, speeding up the development process, reducing the cost of delivery and allowing changes to be made based on feedback and real world usage.

Features of the Digital Health Platform


Connectivity into key NHS clinical systems

Our integration into leading GP and hospital systems means patient data can be shared with all authorised healthcare professionals


Digital inclusion

Patients are connected to care via phone, email, SMS, Amazon Alexa, the My Inhealthcare app or approved third party healthcare apps.


Connectivity to the NHS Spine

With our accredited Spine NHS number lookup service, we can enable real-time monitoring of hospital activity, admissions, discharges and transfers.

Digital health

Information Governance

Information Governance is high on our agenda. We store our data in NHS approved data centres so you can be sure patient data is securely safeguarded at all times. We also score 100% for IGS0C compliance.

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Digital health platform brochure

Digital health platform brochure

Download the digital health platform brochure to find out how we can support remote patient monitoring at scale.

Overview of Inhealthcare

Overview of Inhealthcare

Download our overview brochure and find out more about what Inhealthcare do.

Blog : Our new INR self-testing service can now be run entirely online

Blog : Our new INR self-testing service can now be run entirely online

Our INR self-testing service is digitally inclusive meaning that all patients can use it regardless of age, technical ability or access to the internet.

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  • Create new digital services can be created at speed
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  • Innovation can be spread across trusts, reducing time and cost of developing new services
  • A choice of patient and clinician communication channels meaning services can be used by all
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