Type 2 diabetes education programme An evidence based digital education and personalised coaching programme for Type 2 diabetes

Personalised coaching

Patients have access to one to one coaching with psychologists trained in Changing Health’s proprietary behavioural change techniques to create lasting improvements.

Online information

Patients have access to short videos, articles and interactive activities on diet and exercise.

Data security and a simple one click referral process

Through the Inhealthcare partnership, practices refer patients onto the service through a simple one click referral process from within the patient record. Patient data is transferred back into the patient record for healthcare professionals to view.

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Benefits of the Type 2 diabetes education programme
Patient empowerment

Two thirds of patients do not understand their diabetes

Cost savings

£10 billion a year is spent on diabetes, 80% of which is for complications

Tackling a growing challenge

Two thirds of the population are either overweight or obese and 80% of diabetes risk comes from being overweight

Before Changing Health I had to take a lot of medication to manage my diabetes, which made me feel terrible. I didn't know I had the potential to take control of my health, this has changed my life.

Patient Tina from Northamptonshire reversed her Type 2 diabetes in just 12 weeks using Changing Health.
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