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By Inhealthcare
Case Studies 11 January 2022

The challenge

  • One of the early breakthroughs in the treatment of COVID-19 was the identification of silent hypoxia – the presence of low blood oxygen levels in a person who might not otherwise seem unwell. This is a symptom that needs to be closely monitored and given urgent medical attention if required. 

  • Sirona care & health were calling people who were being monitored at home three times a day to collect their vital sign readings. As the number of people with COVID-19 increased, this became untenable. 


The Oximetry@Home service enables people with COVID-19 to be looked after safely at home. 

  • The individual uses a pulse oximeter to monitor their oxygen saturation levels. These readings, alongside other vital sign readings, including oxygen levels, pulse rate and temperature, are reported to their healthcare team via a choice of communication channels including email, SMS text message or automated telephone call. 

  • Staff view readings on a web-based dashboard and can see who might need intervention, supervision or support. They can also see if someone has not submitted their readings. 

  • An individual’s readings integrate with the GP record including SystmOne and EMIS Web. 

  • Sirona is providing this optional ‘virtual ward’ service for people in high-risk groups across Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

  • Inhealthcare supplies regular data reports for clinicians, illustrating the number of patients on the service and their and their progress through the pathway.


  • 3,500 + people have been supported by the service since it was launched.*
  • 10,000 + calls saved since service was launched.*

*At 1/1/22

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