By Jamie Innes
Blog 30 March 2021

Data can save lives and improve patient care but accessing it can be difficult or even impossible at times. That’s why Inhealthcare is proud to offer industry-leading reporting and analytics tools to support NHS organisations with unrivalled access to the valuable data being generated through their healthcare services.

The Inhealthcare platform, which is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency as a Medical Device, provides access to near real-time reporting at a range of different levels, giving NHS organisations the ability to make vital operational and clinical improvements for the benefit of patients.

Get operational insights and make improvements

Our operations dashboard provides aggregated user data across an organisation or group of organisations without any patient identifiable data. This gives clinicians the latest insights into pathways, alerts and communications and enables them to see any issues with treatments and identify operational enhancements.

Inhealthcare has developed bespoke operational dashboards for NHS organisations deploying staff vaccination programmes to show uptake across different clinics, sessions and areas, enabling more than 180,000 NHS workers to book life-saving jabs across Yorkshire and the North East. This application enhanced planning, avoided bottlenecks and allowed for operational efficiencies.

Get status updates on patients in pathways

Our clinical dashboard provides data on caseloads of patients on pathways and gives clinicians red-amber-green status updates on their patients with latest results so they can take action where necessary. This dashboard offers professional users access to patient identifiable reports to see who needs assistance.

The Inhealthcare platform gives NHS organisations the ability to extract reports for their own internal clinical reporting requirements. These reports are based on data collected through pathways and can be built to self-service via clinical portal, made available at the Inhealthcare API or emailed to a distribution list.

Import pathway data into business intelligence systems

We also provide reporting for NHS organisations’ data warehouses. Data extracts are supplied on a desired frequency and exported in CSV, JSON or XML formats via secure file transfer. Soon, our NHS customers will be able to make specific reporting calls via the Inhealthcare API, giving access to operational and clinical data on demand. This will power up business intelligence capabilities.

As a matter of course, data is available only to authorised NHS care teams and is kept safely and securely in NHS-approved cloud storage providers. Strict role-based controls restrict access to data and are used to determine which levels approved individuals can see.

Inform decision making at regional and national levels

Operational data with anonymised patient information can be aggregated with other data sets such as public health data. These can be made available for analysis at organisational, regional and national level, allowing for new insights into trends to inform decision making and resource management.

Data can save lives and improve care. We are proud to be supplying our industry-leading reporting and analytics tools to NHS organisations across the UK. To find out how we can help your organisation, please email me at

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