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Stories 17 August 2017

Fifteen years ago John Binks was diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis and was put on warfarin for the rest of his life. At that point John’s health was placed into the hands of the nursing staff at his GP surgery in Wigan. He was desperate to learn what all the medical terms meant and really understand the implications of taking warfarin.

John, 84 years old, was enrolled onto the warfarin home monitoring service in Wigan by his local GP around a year ago. Since then he has been using the email function to submit and receive his results from the clinic and believes this has increased the convenience in his life immensely. Not only has the warfarin home monitoring service given him a sense of normality back, but also helped him to understand his condition. John has become an ‘expert’ patient and the increase in self-confidence has meant his time in therapeutic range has continued to be stable. He feels liberated from the busy waiting rooms and the nurses are proud of his independence and stable health.

Self-testing and being connected to the surgery has provided me a lifeline in achieving positive and productive outcomes in my personal health. The service is as easy as making a cup of tea and I encourage all to give it a go.

John Binks, Wigan
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