By Inhealthcare
Case Studies 12 March 2020


  • If a referral to a specialist dermatologist is completed by a GP they have to take an image using a separate camera or smartphone, transfer this to their computer and complete an electronic referral using eRS.
  • Sometimes healthcare professionals are using services such as WhatsApp to reduce the time required to send images to specialist dermatologists
  • The CCG wanted to ensure that images were not being captured by personal clouds and that they remained in secure encrypted locations
  • The CCG wanted to speed up the process of the referral from the GP to the specialist


  • A digital referral form was created and accessible to GPs on the Inhealthcare app
  • This form allows GPs to capture patient demographics, referral information and images
  • The completed form is sent to the Inhealthcare platform and removed from the smartphone app
  • The GP receives a copy of the referral details and they are attached to the patients GP record
  • If the patient consents, their diagnosis could be sent back to them automatically via SMS or email Afrom the specialist dermatologist.


  • 8 minutes to process each case
  • 38% immediately discharged with advice and no clinic appointment
  • 15% were remotely assessed by a specialist without the need for a face-to-face visit


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